Facilities Planning

QLH has a long history of service to most of our municipal clients and has been involved in planning, construction and throughout the lifespan of utility projects. Additionally, we have been involved in the growth of the municipalities we serve. This allows us to accurately plan for future infrastructure requirements while maintaining and/or rehabilitating the existing infrastructure.

Our firm has prepared many utility planning documents which include:

Utility Master Plan Update

City of Ormond Beach

QLH Facilities Planning Project Civil and Environmental Engineering

QLH prepared an update in 2014 of the 2007 Utility Master Plan. The plan is intended to serve as a guide for development of the city’s utility infrastructure to meet projected demands through the Year 2035. The scope of work was based on a joint effort between city staff and QLH to develop a planning document for expansion and sustained operation of the city’s water, wastewater and reclaimed facilities. One of the tasks completed included performing hydraulic modeling of the city’s raw water, potable water, sanitary force main and reuse main distribution systems. Software section was compatible with the city’s Geographical Information System. QLH also prepared maps using information from the city’s GIS Department and utility as-builts that were compatible with this city’s GIS format that showed proposed recommendations and pertinent existing city utilities in the report.

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2016 Utility Master Plan Update

Utility Commission of New Smyrna Beach

QLH Facilities Planning Project Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Utilities Commission of New Smyrna Beach (UCNSB) provides water, sewer, reclaimed water and electric service to the residents of New Smyrna Beach and surrounding unincorporated areas. The utility serves approximately 53,600 people in the 41 square mile service area south of Port Orange and north of Edgewater. QLH completed the previous utility master plan in 2007 and was engaged in 2015 to complete the master plan update for the water, sewer and reclaimed water utilities.

The master plan update provided forecasts and analyses for the study period from 2015-2035. It included the following elements:

Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Master Plan Update

City of DeLand

QLH Facilities Planning Project Civil and Environmental Engineering

QLH prepared DeLand’s original Utility Master Plan in February 2003. The wastewater and reclaimed water elements were updated in 2015. The study area includes the City of DeLand’s entire water and sewer service area. The format was acceptable to the Bureau of Facility Funding of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for subsequent funding by the State Revolving Loan Fund.

The Utility Master Plan Update included the following elements: Wastewater collection and transmission, wastewater treatment, effluent disposal and reclaimed water. The plan identified needs relative to each element and evaluated project requirements to sustain growth in the service area. Specific project recommendations, schedules, CIP recommendations and planning level cost estimates were included within the plan.

Plan elements included:

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