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Notable Projects

South Central Regional Wastewater
Treatment Facility Expansion & Improvements

QLH Project Manager: Brad T. Blais, P.E.
Project Owner:
Brevard County Utility Services Bob Adolphe,
Utility Services Director (321) 633-2089,
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way A-213 Viera, Florida 32940 bob.adolphe@brevardcounty.us
As Bid Construction Cost: $38,074,000

Brevard County

The project includes modification of existing facilities and construction of a new 6.0 mgd process train. Specific project elements include:

Influent Screening and Grit Removal
  • Construct a new Pretreatment Structure to replace existing
  • Install (2) new 3.0 mm self-cleaning ‘Stepscreens’ with compactors
  • Install (2) new ‘Head-cell’ centrifugal de-grit systems with grit snails
  • Install (2) new ‘Rotoshear’ 1.0 mm fine screens
Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Replace mixers in existing 5-stage process tanks with Hyperboloid mixers
  • Construct a new 5-stage IFAS process train
  • New process includes mixers, blowers, air diffusers, IFAS media and supplemental equipment
  • Construct (2) new 90’ diameter clarifiers with perimeter walkways and weir covers
  • Replace existing ‘South’ Dynasand filters for plants #1+2 with (3) 2.0 MGD Discfilters within the existing south filter structure
  • Construct pre-engineered metal building over filters
  • Demolish north filter structure
  • Construct (3) new 2.0 MGD Diskfilters with preengineered metal building adjacent to new clarifiers
  • Construct new chlorine contact chamber and effluent transfer pumps for the IFAS process train
Reuse Storage and Pumping
  • Construct new 1.0 MG pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank
  • Construct new High Service Pump Station
  • Demolish ‘old’ reuse transfer pumps and wet well
Aerated Sludge Holding
  • Install elevated platform to hold (2) new rotary drum thickeners
  • Replace mixing and aeration equipment
Belt Filter Press
  • Install (1) new belt filter press and polymer feed system
  • Construct new building addition for belt filter press

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